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Anasyu and Ticien




I'm sure you're all wondering what that has to do with our wedding, and you may be surprised to find that it has everything to do with it. Without Shadows of Divinity, we really wouldn't be here today.

And yes the answer is entirely World of Warcraft related (hence the Night Elf background!).

Shadows of Divinity is a domain I purchased years ago when I created the guild site for our WoW guild Shadows of Divinity.  I have continued to keep this domain because it holds a special meaning for us, as this is the guild that Jeff and I (and a few friends) ran together. Essentially you could say this is the guild where we met, sort of.


But let's start at the beginning of the story


Back when World of Warcraft had just released we all had  been invited to a guild called Blades of Shadow, and we were all still lowbies running around in the Night Elf newbie zone. The day after we all got invited to the guild, we logged in only to find that we were now guildless, we didn't know what happened, if we had just been kicked out, or if the guild had disbanded or anything, and since we had only been there for about a day or two we didn't really remember anyone else. Luckily one guy, named Pancho, remembered some of the people's name from that guild and he formed a new guild, and invited everyone he could remember from Blades of Shadow, and explained to all of us what had happened to that guild (it turned out that the guild leader's girlfriend, in a fit of rage kicked everyone out and disbanded the guild). From then on we all continued to play and level together, by this time we had all become close friends, and had formed what would later be known as the Top 5 (although at the time we were actually 6...but I'm getting to that). Some time later Pancho had to take a break from the game and proceeded to leave the guild to Ticien (the person you know as Jeff). I remember being so mad that Pancho had done that because I didn't believe that Ticien deserved to be the guild leader, but it all worked out, the remaining 4 people out of that group all became guild officers: Pinger (who you know as Ping..creative, right...?), Avelynn, Antinon, and Anasyu (me), and we ran that guild together. For a while we were doing pretty good, the guild was growing, we were progressing, having fun, etc. Because all 5 of us always played together, to all other members of the guild we became known as the Top 5, not only for being the guild officers and leader, but we were also the highest level members of the guild for a time.

This is where it all began to fall apart though, when we reached endgame, due to multiple reasons.  Ping wanted to go join a raiding guild, so eventually he left. Then we began to notice that a lot of people in the guild didn't play with each other, they all instead were just vying for the spot that Ping had left open in the Top 5, what everyone really wanted was to become part of that group only, so even though we tried to encourage them to form their own groups, they wouldn't. So people began to get bored and leave, and eventually the Top 5 (now 4) also began to get bored and play less and less, we were max level and bored of running dungeons, and we didn't much care for there was nothing left for us to do. Eventually I stopped playing altogether, and only logged in from time to time to check on the guild.

One of the next time I logged in, and found that I had a mail from Ticien, and was guildless (again...). In his mail Ticien apologized and said that he felt it better to disband the guild as no one was ever online anymore, but to keep in touch, and he gave me his AOL screen name. Sometime later I decided to actually send him a message and catch up, after that...well here we are!